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Wash your hands first, please. Unfortunately, even the most impressive fecal achievement won't tip the scales much. When Nintendo released their handheld Game Boy system in the U. Subscribe to our Newsletter! That's why those British poops observed in the study didn't even come close to 1 pound. Tetris games that were too slow or too fast bored or frustrated players, respectively. As part of a larger study about the benefits of distraction, researchers at the University of California, Riverside conducted an experiment on college students who were told to expect some anxiety-provoking news:

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But how much your feces weigh depends heavily on your diet.

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They were told someone would be offering an evaluation of their physical attractiveness. In their sample of Brits, the median daily poop weighed around 3. The game was in the hands of 35 million portable players; byit had sold million smartphone downloads. But how much your feces weigh depends heavily on your diet. The average fart involved around 3 ounces of gas. They reported a quarter-point higher level of positive emotions on a five-point scale and a half-point reduction of negative emotions. Some players described seeing the shapes in their dreams.

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